Frequently asked questions about Orne

Presale: 22m
Initial liquidity for pair: 25m
Advisor: 5m
Company: 20m (monthly vested over 3 years)
LP rewards: 20m
CEO share: 5m (monthly vested over 1 year)
Current circulating supply: 54.84m
Maximum supply: 100m

The presale was at 0.0075 $UST / $ORNE and closed at the end of November 2021. We raised 165k $UST from 23 investors. The CEO added missing liquidity to start with 25m ORNE + 250k $UST and a token price @0.01$.

The presale was open to early supporters in order raise some liquidity. No funds have been raised from venture or big capital.

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Each NFT represents a tree in a forest operated by the Orne company. When the tree reaches maturity, all profits from its harvest will be paid to the holder of the NFT.

You will only be able to purchase the NFT in Orne tokens. You can buy Orne with UST or Luna.

The first tree NFTs will be available once the first forest is purchased. This will be possible on Talis (marketplace of NFT). We are currently purchasing land/forest and with the aim of providing NFTs as soon as possible.